Drilling in the Desert

There is nothing like the taste of a dust storm for lunch…

Adjusting to working in the desert has been an interesting experience.

The most unexpected part isn’t the heat, the dust or the lack of reception.

It’s the flies!

Swarms and swarms of flies. They get into your nose, into your ears, behind your glasses…

I decided to walk home from work after a shift one day, optimistically thinking it would be nice to get some fresh air, exercise and appreciate the landscape. I ended up spending the entire time swatting my face and being chased by a black cloud of writhing insects.

It’s an eerie landscape out here, and one that often reminds you of your own insignificance.   The unrelenting nature of the environment and the sheer scale of the expanse are truly …humbling.

We are fragile creatures.


Peace, Yassmin (from the rigs).