Motorsport Munchies


Hello hello fellow motorsport lovers! Here is a little collection of links and videos that will keep you occupied and rev-happy for a bit! 

First up: Great round up on the Technical side of F1

I really want to buy this book on engineering motorcycles

The Formula Student Competition wraps up… A Swedish University comes out on top! 

Summing up this year’s Formula Student, project manager Fiona Pawley said: “This year’s competition has been truly impressive, with many of the cars displaying world class engineering that wouldn’t be out of place in a Formula One paddock. These young engineers will mature into the motorsport team bosses and industry leaders of the future.”


Learn a little bit about what affects Pirelli Tires and their performance (layman's terms)


TOONED! Episode 3.  Loving the new McLaren cartoon…”And here we have, just a few of the spare Ks from Mika Hakkinen's name” LOL.


 Le Batmobile – Nothing more really to be said…

Ever wondered what is like from the F1 driver’s point of view? Wonder no longer…welcome to SPA!


A beautiful video for all motorsport lovers…


I want to be ...a F1 Driver

Interestingly in this video, Senna mentions his family’s unhappiness at his choosing motorsport as a career…The episode looks at the lives of a few drivers (current and up and coming), how they got there and the difficulties getting there.