The Internet Never Forgets | Links: 19th August 2012


As per every week, here are a collection of some interesting reads that I have wandered across on this world wide web…

August 19 was World Humanitarian Day. This Beyonce tune brought chills to my spine…


Did you know Baskerville is one of the most “trustworthy and credible” typefaces out there?

Speaking of trust…

Trust in the Digital Age: This has been something on my mind for a while, and it is making me hesitate quite often before sharing thoughts, photos and experiences over the net.  I find myself thinking “oh, what will the be seen like in 20 years? What if it was taken out of context? Can someone possibly use this against me?” 

Apple controls the memory on our iPhones. Google keeps tabs on what we search for, and whom we write to, when we use Gmail. We unknowingly pledge allegiance to the companies we do business with.

“Now we have to trust all these entities,” Mr. Schneier warned. “Google has great customer service. Problem is, you’re not the customer.”

…“You should be mindful,” … “that the Internet never forgets.”

I love this little photography project, recreating photos from the past: Back to the Future

A great opportunity for any young Aussies out there interested in the South East Asia region…Youth Exchange Program with Indonesia.

For all my mates at uni…How to Procrastinate Better! I like this one, but I will probably finish reading it tomorrow… :)

The truth is that most procrastinators are structured procrastinators. This means that although they may be putting off something deemed important, their way of not doing the important thing is to do something else. Like reading instead of completing their expense report before it's due. Nevertheless, such people feel bad about being procrastinators and often annoy others. That is where I think I have something helpful to say.


Hope you all have a great week, and Happy Eid to all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters out there! Hope you enjoyed feasting! =)