Michael Wade,

Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD, Switzerland

Yassmin delivered a keynote address to a group of 400 senior global managers. She maintained the attention of the group by delivering a set of simple and powerful messages in a very personal and compelling way. She has developed a level of insight and maturity well beyond her years.

James Johnson

Chief Executive Officer
Geoscience Australia



Meredith Ettridge

International Development Manager, The Royal Academy of Engineering, London

The first time I saw Yassmin present I was hugely impressed. Speaking to an dominantly white, middle aged male audience from the petroleum industry, Yassmin spoke about inclusiveness and diversity and blew them away. I decided we needed to secure her services for an all-staff forum at Geoscience Australia, because this is also a focus for us. Yassmin was wonderful speaking to GA! She won over a potentially sceptical audience with personal stories, charm, warmth, humour, and importantly, a gentle provocation that simply gets individuals to consider why we think the way we always have, and do we need to reassess. As Yassmin puts it, being young, female, brown and Muslim, she’s a walking minority and has a good handle on what it takes to feel included.  Her talk, and a generous Q and A that followed, generated a buzz of excitement and catalysed many constructive conversations in my organisation. Yassmin added real value to our journey towards  a better organisational culture. She makes a difference!

Your talk was absolutely superb, and I thought you might be interested to know that we asked attendees to fill in a short survey following a snapshot of which is below:
· 97.3% rated your topic as good or excellent
· 94.4% rated your content as good or excellent
· 97.1% rated your presentation/delivery as good or excellent – 87.14% of which was in the excellentcolumn.
This was, by far, the highest marks received by any speaker on the day.

Lois Creamer

Professional Speaker, Orlando, USA

I loved your program on unconscious bias at the National Speakers Association. In the 17 yearsI've attended, yours is one of my favorites.

You challenged us to reconsider the assumptions we made. The unique way you illustrated your points are what I will remember.

Social thought leader, executive, race car driver, oil rig worker, speaker - you are none of the things anyone would expect. But all of the things that you are make your message one that is unforgettable, undeniable and one that needs to be heard.

Women in Leadership Showcase

Melbourne, Australia

"Yassmin is such a natural and gifted presenter - her fierce intelligence, her empathy and her humour made it one of the best stage presentations I've ever seen."

"Brilliant. What a character, a real stage presence, the world needs more people as comfortable and expressive as Yassmin."

"What a tremendous person with an important message.  Perfectly delivered."