Here are a few of the speeches / interviews / shows I have been a part of over the years. Enjoy, Inshallah!


Catch this lovely series I did with the ABC on the hijabi fashion world in Australia - first doco show on this scene ever!

Here are a couple of sneak peaks from the show...

SOLIDARITY 101 with Buzzfeed


If my heritage was a pie...

HER WORDS Interview

TEDx TALK: What being a public outrage taught me about fighting inequality.

TEDx Talk: What does my headscarf mean to you?


I was the host for the ABC News 24 show, Australia Wide.

Australia Wide tells the stories from the people and places that make up the Australian experience.  From the city streets to the urban centres and beyond, our best reporters look behind the stories that make the news. We look at the things that affect us, from natural disasters and politics, to the things that inspire us in culture and the environment around us. It's about where we live, the lives we lead, the things that challenge and unite us.

To catch past episodes, check out the website:



All About Women

Cover to Cover - An interview about 'Yassmin's Story


Panel Session: Australia In Transition 

Q&A - Bad Feminism IWD


University of Queensland Promo Video

Message to the IDB
on Gender and Infrastructure