Dr Livingstone, I presume?

Hi! Unfortunately, not Dr Livingstone.  But perhaps a short introduction is in order.

The name is Yassmin, and although I was toying with the idea of a clever nom de plume, I couldn’t think of anything else that quite covers who I am other than my actual name!  So lets stick with that.

A description in a nutshell perhaps? Ah, time to break out the elevator pitch: I am a young, female, Muslim engineer who was born in Sudan and grew up in Australia.  I founded the organisation Youth Without Borders when I was 16.  I box, cycle, listen to music, love people and love challenging the norm.

Now thats done!  What am I really like? Lucky you should ask…

My interests vary – F1 racing to football to gender issues, politics and human rights – that…and pretty much everything in between.  I like discussion, I like analysis and I like thinking about things from as many angles as possible.

So instead of rabbiting on about who I am from my perspectiveperhaps you can infer some idea from what I post, things I flag/like/comment on etc.  This is the age of the online community, after all =).

So I hope you enjoy my little contribution to this part of the internet and look forward to ‘seeing’ you around!