Made it to Sepang! Arriving at the #F1

So, the adventure begins! To be honest, I will be doing my gushing here :) The official business is happening on so head over that way to check out the reports and actual journalism that I will be doing with Richard over the #Sepang #MalaysiaGP but here...well here is where I let it all hang out :P

Backtrack - so I am now at the Malaysia GP as an accredited reported for the Malaysia GP (single round pass).  I arrived last night and we picked up passes this morning...

It is a pretty interesting crowd. Definitely a 'who you know' world, but that is motorsport.  The fun part is, I don't think they have too many African-looking hijabis wondering around the paddock (covered head to toe in the sweltering Malaysian heat #likeabaws) so it's always fun to be the one to mix things up a little...

Check out some of the happenings thus far:

Screenshot 2014-03-27 13.18.16

2014-03-27 15.02.24

2014-03-27 13.38.03

2014-03-27 13.34.42

2014-03-27 04.18.28

2014-03-27 12.38.27